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Enough is enough, our bay needs change! Martin the Protector of Bay


I graduated in economics with specialism in regional development, successfully building my own award-winning venture in tourism from scratch at the beginning of the financial crisis.

With 3 decades of experience, I am a valued problem solver in financial management, managing multi-million pound portfolios for Doctors using skills essential for managing the budget crisis.

I have successfully built an award winning tourism venture from scratch starting at the beginning of the recession.
I was a founder Torbay ‘Street Pastor’, am a Director of a locally based national charity, married with 5 children. In 2011, I instigated the Plainmoor Pool rescue, a seemingly impossible situation.

Standing as an Independent. Independent of Political Allegiances but definitely not independent of People.


  • Limiting effects of £45 million black hole in the Council Budget over next Mayor Term. For if it isn’t limited, it won’t be much fun for anybody.
  • Helping Torbay avoid a financial Tsunami that could remove thousands of jobs and cost Torbay hundreds of millions in Tourism and Retail.
  • Ending Torbay being treated as a battle ground between Political Parties.
  • Giving back a voice to people, whether it be councillors, ‘concerned residents’, community groups or businesses.
  • Prove Mayor System can work with the right type of Mayor.

Long Bio

Born just outside London in the baby boom year of 1964

Educated in nursery, primary and secondary schools gaining in those days ‘O’ Levels and ‘A’ Levels with ‘A’s at ‘A’ in Maths and Economics.

Having worked as an ‘A’ Level tutor to raise money, travelled the world at 19 before entering University at Bristol to read Economics, where I met my sweet heart Kim and graduated with a 2:1 with a specialism in ‘development economics’.

Moving back to London I started my first main job within Royal Life’s Financial Planning Division before transferring to a company called The Investment Practice in 1990, a firm specialising in financial management for the medical profession.
Children followed thick and fast with 5 born within 5 years.

In 1998 we came on holiday to Torbay. I remember my wife saying ‘can we move?’ At the time I thought it unwise as the business had just started in London and the children were starting to enter primary school. Three months later we were sitting in the same pub (The Linny in Coffinswell) having moved lock stock and barrel.

I still pinch myself to live in such a wonderful area.

The children entered Watcombe primary schools, Kim and I immersed ourselves into the sporting world and I continued my work in Financial Management, designing systems to implement from a distance.

Living in a grade 2* listed building on the same level of Oldway Mansions, we looked at how to restore and use sustainably. After 8 years working within planning and council (another story) final planning permission was given in 2008. The property and barns were restored, with us opening Pilgrims Rest Cottages to welcome guests ‘where history meets modern day luxuries’.

Children fast growing up moving to secondary schools (Westlands, St Cuthbert Mayne and Torquay Boys Grammar), now my eldest (Joseph) recently graduated from Exeter, eldest sister following (reading Law), twins (medicine) and youngest about to take the business world on. And their mother doing a degree in Paediatric Nursing.

Since arriving in Torbay I set up my own Financial Management and Problem Solving firm and currently managed multi-million £ investments as a trusted ‘Mentor’.

Member of various sports clubs:

  • Torquay Golf Club
  • Torquay Squash Club
  • Torquay Cricket Club
  • Torquay Rugby Club


Past Youth Matters Charity
Current Torbay Holiday Helpers Network where Pilgrims Rest Cottages a member

Member of:
FSB (and on committee)
English Riviera Tourism Company

Original Street Pastors team (for 4 years strongly believing one should walk out one’s faith)

In 2011 I ran for Mayor wanting to steer the Bay away from the coming financial storms, solve some extreme problems and take the Bay forward, going for Gold where, after 4 years the rest of the country would say ‘What’s happening in Torbay? We want it’.

Obviously the Bay wasn’t ready yet. But, wanting to help and loving to solve problems, I worked on Plainmoor Pool (devising a rescue plan and taking it from imminent closure, where I am proud to say it is still open).

I trust the Bay is now ready. I am ready to provide solutions that WILL limit the Budget crisis, steer us away from a major financial storm caused by our Mayor and implement solutions to the problems expressed by business and residents alike. Taking the Bay upwards – still going for Gold rather than being an also ran.

Martin Brook